Character Death

If there’s no possibility of death, there’s no tension in the story. Thus, characters can and probably will die in this game. When a character dies, the player has a few options.

If the player or group is attached to the character, they can attempt to have their character raised from the dead. If the group is going to continue on with the adventure without reviving their dead comrade right away, the player can use the eidolon rules from the Ghostwalk book and linger as the spirit of their former selves until such time as they can be raised again. The player can choose to continue playing as a ghost, but the Ghostwalk book describes the penalty for this action, and it will be enforced.

Alternately, the player can opt to ditch the dead character and start a new one. This character will be at the same XP level, with a GP budget based on the previous character’s GP total. The new character will not get any of the old character’s equipment unless the group (his heirs) choose to give it to them, although they can purchase duplicate items if available.

Finally, the player can choose to abandon their character. They can then create a new character to join the group, using the same rules for character death. The abandoned character will stay in the story even if they’re not with the group, and the players can probably count on that old PC becoming corrupted and evil, and returning to cause problems at some point.

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Character Death

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